William Green


As yet to receive a name, in factory fresh condition yet another William class steam locomotive from the Roundhouse Engineering Company Ltd of Doncaster England joined the Elmtree Line fleet in Spring 2013.


A trip to the Elmtree Line works saw a Summerlands Chuffer and Combination Link Assembly fitted.


This is somewhat of a rarity at the Elmtree Line as all locomotives generally receive a name and number when joining the railway, but to date William has not done so.


In 2007 Roundhouse Engineering stopped building this type of Steam Locomotive but continued to offer the tender up until 2012 when it also was dropped from the range having being replaced by slightly smaller tenders for its George and Mildred class of locomotive.


William has been an active member of the fleet visiting other railways.


Roundhouse still build a smaller locomotive similar to William on an 0-4-0 chassis, the Billy class locomotive is similar in appearance but has no tender and a smaller chassis.