Thirty Three


It was a sad day (ok, well maybe not sad, but one of those times you remember and start to realise that age is upon one!) It was my 33rd birthday.


I decided that i would celebrate the event by adding a locomotive to my fleet with a little twist!


An order was duly placed with Trackshack based on the Isle Of Man, for an Accucraft "Lawley" something which already would be a deviation from the norm for me, having owned mainly Roundhouse locomotives (alongside the odd example from Tom Coopers "Merlin Loco Works", and Cheddar).




General opinion from the first batch of Lawleys to come from Accucraft was that they were very respectable locomotives, infact they must have ticked the boxes with several people as the first batch sold out completely.


Having a Pearse locomotive on order already (and still on order as i write this) i was informed that Pearse locomotives were to be completing all the radio control installations for Accucraft, so after having arrived from Accucraft "Thirty Three" went on to Pearse.




At this stage "Thirty Three" was a pretty bog standard Accucraft Lawley, painted in all over green, the only other option being to have one in maroon.


So what could I do to make my birthday locomotive a little different?? Well several options were open to me, have her lined out, add detailing to her, or god forbid have her resprayed into a new colour, not something your avaerage Joe has done to their brand new steam locomotive!


Well i decided to go the whole hog and send the loco to Geoff Munday at Lightlines for the full works, an overall respray into a new colour with apprpriate lining to match. My colour of choice has been Darjeeling Blue of late, already having a Roundhouse Fowler in Darj Blue, and a Lady Anne in a similar paintjob, so i decided that "Thirty Three" would go blue!


Geoff had never received a Lawley before, nor had he been asked to do such an extensive makeover to a brand new out of the box loco in such fashion, but took up the challenge....




I remember speaking to Geoff on the telephone just before "Thirty Three" hit his paint room and with nervous excitement he checked that all was good to go, he threw onto the table one recommendation so as not to have the loco come out looking too much like a certain blue tank engine that goes by the name of THOMAS!! and that was that, no turning back!


After a couple of weeks Geoff was on the phone to arrange delivery of the loco to me, I had not seen how the engine had turned out, and of course Geoff who was working off a rather relaxed brief was then curious as to whether i would even like it!!!


And on arrival she was taken outside for a good look...

I was delighted as to how she has turned out, and I have not as yet for one moment felt the urge to look for Annie & Clarabel or associate her with troublesome trucks!




You may have noticed the advert run by Geoff Munday in SMT which featured "Thirty Three"