Sir Mortimer


In 1991 Roundhouse Engineering of Doncaster England started building a new locomotive class called "Gungadin". The locomotive was produced exclusively for Garden Railway Specialists of Prices Risborough England and became one of two special edition locomotives built by Roundhouse for GRS, the second being "Bangalore Belle".

"Gungadin" was produced generally once yearly between 1991 and 1999 although batches in later years became more spread out.
It is estimated that around 40 examples of this locomotive were built but no one knows exactly if that figure is accurate. Roundhouse did not at that time keep extensive build records as they do now, and as the model was built for GRS few records seem to have been kept.

The main locomotive is in effect a Roundhouse Fowler chassis with additional section infront of the smokebox with a set of pony wheels. The cab itself a new etch specific to Gungadin.

The tender was produced for GRS specially for Gungadin out of plastic, the load on the tender was available in two options. The loco was available in any standard Roundhouse colour although black and blue are the only known examples to date.

Both Gungadin and Bangalore Belle were discontinued in 1999 and no plans exist to build any in the future, infact it is unknown if the tender moulds actually exist anymore.

As few records were kept on individual locomotives its unknown how many reside in England and how many went overseas, Bangalore Belle certainly found its way to the America's.

The Elmtree Line example has had one owner from new and joined the Elmtree Fleet in readiness for the Summer 2012 season.


Sir Mortimer is from the July 1992 build at Roundhouse Engineering.
Originally based at the Alder Grove Light Railway
owned by Alan Leslie


Sir Mortimer was sold in 2013 via a trade contact and is now owned by a railway is Australia !!