The Rudyard Lake Steam Railway Miniature Collection



In 2014 the Elmtree Line decided to do something different!


It was decided to replicate Steam Locomotives currently in service at the Rudyard Lake Steam Railway near Leek in Staffordshire.


So far the Elmtree Line has fully working replica's of King Arthur, Pendragon and Merlin.


One other Steam Locomotive at the railway "Excalibur" is yet to be completed by the Elmtree Line.


All of the locomotives have met their larger counterparts as can be seen in the pictures...







It is hoped, but not currently planned, to replicate "Excalibur" in the same way

(as pictured below)



Please note that the Elmtree Line's Rudyard Collection cannot be seen at the Railway.


* The Rudyard Lake Steam Railway was sold and subsequently changed ownership on 1st January 2016, the new railway is called the Leek & Rudyard Railway.