Keith Greenwood


My biography so far is fairly straight forward, or is it?


I've always had a fascination with trains, passed down from my father who worked for many years on the railways, as did his father.  Leighton Buzzard Narrow Gauge Railway was a regular day out as were other railway flavoured weekends and family holidays.


I have had numerous 00 gauge model railways over the years, the later ones going the whole hog with scenic scatters, signs, color light signalling the lot!


In 1999 I set up and managed a local radio station which broadcast on a short term basis in 2000.  After the station closed I was approached by the Wireless Group who own TalkSport and numerous local radio stations and after discussions joined a group as Non Executive Director with the view to securing a full time FM radio license.  The group was unsuccesful due to another company already having a strong local presence in the intended broadcast area.


In 2004 the first outdoor railway was born, albeit it in 00 gauge.  It was a simple three track affair laid onto medium density blocks, one line crossed a large bridge over a water feature.  The railway was never really finished and keeping the track clean amongst other things led to it rarely being operated.


Roll on some 3 years and the first move into a larger gauge was made when the (then unamed) Elmtree Line secured it's first Steam Locomotive "Joanna" who is still with the railway to this date!


In 2008 the Elmtree Line itself was born and over the subsequent 5 years that followed the railway grew and matured, a Narrow Gauge network of lines initially known as the Elmside Light Railway were added to the existing Main Line's, and in later years both lines were run under the Elmtree Line banner.  


In 2011 the railway suffered flooding and was closed for a month as waters subsided and necessary repairs were made.


In late 2013 the Elmtree Line closed to all traffic due to a re-location.


In 2014 the railway acquired new locomotives and rolling stock and also some Steam Locomotives visited other railways.  The railway also took the opportunity to sell some stock that was little used or did not fit in with future plans.