Joining the fleet just before the (Narrow Gauge Lines) railway opened their doors to the paying public in April 2011 "Molly" joined the railway having worked on a previous railway in southern England since construction in 2007.





"Molly" is a Roundhouse Engineering William class locomotive, basically an 0-6-0 tender engine verison of their Koppel based Billy locomotive.  She was one of the last few built by Roundhouse in 2007 before they ceased production of the William design, they still produce the smaller 0-4-0 non tender version Billy.



 "Molly" joined "Sabrina" who now also has a tender, on passenger services on the Elmside Light Railway until the narrow gauge lines were lifted, she was then re-gauged to run on the Main Line and has also visited other railways.





The Elmtree Line usually names it's locomotives and removes old names if locomotives arrive already named but to date Molly still retains her original name whilst working on the railway.


Molly is currently the railway owners favourite steam locomotive and as such she is well looked after and her brasswork always shiny!