Updated 2015.. These 3 pictures show Linda in her current guise after                                  receiving a different lining scheme...





The second Live Steam Locomotive to join the Elmtree Line. She is a Roundhouse Engineering LINDA based on the Ffestiniog Railway's loco, originally built in 1893 for the Penrhyn Quarry Railway LINDA joined Ffestiniog in 1962.


Linda was delivered in late 2007 and is currently fixed to run on 45mm gauge lines as the tender feaures set gauge wheels. It is possible to obtain a set of smaller 32mm gauge wheels to run her on 16mm lines, and this may happen in the future


Although the second Live Steam Locomotive in my fleet she carries the number "1" as the first locomotive "Joanna" carries the number "3" (my favourite number).



The loco has always run very sedately, but with large plumes of smoke bellowing from her chimney. She has had her filler valve replaced once as the original one leaked steam even at low pressures, I no longer use the filler valve on her, but opt to wait until the water runs out then filling the boiler again fully by removing the valve.


Michelle was lined out in red in two thicknesses, contrasting the large area of the saddle tank and the cab sides and tender. It has never been my intention to have authentic lining applied to her, as many other locomotives in the class seem to be lined in such a way.


A Summerlands Chuffer has been fitted to the loco which gives her a lovely loud bark when worked hard.



The loco was supplied with a working lamp which can be moved from engine to tender depending on the direction of travel. The lamps can be bought seperately from Chuffed2Bits as can a red tail lamp in the same design, they are very fitting on such a locomotive.


Roundhouse Engineering ended production of the LINDA locomotive in 2010 along with her stablemates CHARLES and BLANCHE although Charles was brought back for the 2014 range.


In December 2014 Linda received an updated lining scheme (the original being the single thick red line)