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A new loco has arrived.......














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New pages "Kyanite Lady" and also "Genesis" added to the site.

As the year comes to an end just a quick reminder that regular updates can be found

on our facebook page, just search for "ELMTREE LINE"


In 2019 we hope to open our new railway.............. Watch This Space !!!!!



we are updating all the loco specific pages to add more pictures - these pages will be shown in BOLD and will show "-18" after the appropriate name.




Well..... there's been a bit of break for website updates of late, we've just relocated and things have been a bit hectic as we sort things out for the good.


As usual we suggest you find us on Facebook, just do a search for ELMTREE LINE




You can now keep in regular contact with us on Facebook, just search for "Elmtree Line" then LIKE the page and get involved with what's happening at the railway this year!  



posts below here are from 2017 and before.....


4th November - updates to the website coming soon, its been a hectic year !!!!



So, Summer is upon us and it's been a good while since we made a worthwhile update on the website, this has mainly

been due to a loss of internet services at the current Elmtree Line residence, but that has now been restored and we will

be making some updates to the site over the next couple of weeks, listed here of course so you can keep abreast of all the

latest news!   

We can now announce that we have a new Steam Locomotive due to arrive with the railway at the end of July,

more details will follow shortly, but it's always exciting to have a new locomotive on the way.




We will be making a major update to the website during JUNE when we have restored full internet connectivity.



"Clydesdale" Page added.

"Maureen" Page completed.

"Anna" Page updated.

Same name locomotives grouped together on left hand page bar.



"Anna" has returned from the paintshop.  Pictures to follow.

 We have another steam loco to annouce shortly

 We have a new diesel loco to announce shortly



Joanna has emerged from her 10 year overhaul with a new lining scheme!


















So here we are, 2017 has arrived and we have an exciting year ahead planned !!


We have already started to update the website, you will hopefully notice a few "tweaks" that amongst other

things have seen "Molly" as our homepage header.  We will be adding more details to the recent additions to

the steam fleet shortly (pages at the bottom of the homepage) along with updating a number of other pages

to show more recent pictures.  Some of the less useful pages are being removed for a while.


If you notice anything doesn't work or look quite right please let me know, I have tested pages in Windows 10

and on Android but I'm only human!


Last but not least "JAMES" returns for 2017 and here he is...............................



















Well 2016 is nearly over, we have some new additons to the railway, and lots to add to the site, please stay with us while we update.


Please ignore any blank pages, while we update the site some new pages might not be finished.




We will be updating the website over the next few weeks to bring it up to date, we have some more locomotives to add to the site, and some details to change elsewhere on the site.

Recent additions include:

"Maugan" an 0-6-0 Black Steam Locomotive (Pearse Ulysses)
"No:85" a 2-6-2 Green Steam Locomotive (Merlin Loco Works SLR)

"James" an 0-6-0 Tank Engine (Roundhouse Lady Anne)
"Countess" an 0-6-0 Steam Locomotive (Accucraft Countess)


Our very first steam locomotive "Joanna" is currently in the workshops after 10 years of service for a rebuild, she will be back in service during 2017.


"Thirty Three" will be leaving the railway over the winter months for some works to be carried out, including the fitting of a whistle similar to that carried by "Custard"


Please use the "Contact Us" page to get in touch!   





05-08-2016 - We hope to update the site later in the year, over the winter, before 2017 reaches us.  Please use the "contact us" page if you need to get in touch.



25-4-2016   - due to a house move everything is currently on hold, more updates soon.......





apologies for the lack of updates but its been pretty hectic, lots of updates coming shortly





We will shortly be adding the following "quick specs" details to each of the locomotives pages, this will give a little more detail on basic facts you may find interesting:






Build Date:

Joined Elmtree Line:

Sold (if applicable):




Well 2016 is here!            Our New Exciting Railway Opens Later This Year !!

In other news we've updated the site a little and added pages for some recent additions

to the locomotive fleet.  We are also adding more pictures on many pages over the next week

or two.  The Steam Fleet page is also being updated........ 










Probably the last post of 2015...

We are currently updating the site which we hope to complete by January 10th 2016












We will shortly be advertising a selection of locomotives for sale.

Please use the Contact Us page to register an interest in receiving details.





We've made a few minor tweaks to the site this past week, you probably won't notice too many of the changes but they are there.  The Home Page has been updated so that Google search engine now gives a better description of us.  Our new home is being finalised at present, the legal paperwork is in motion, more details will appear here when complete.  The new railway is still planned to open Spring 2016.


We also have a new Steam Locomotive due at arrive in November at the railway, more news to follow!


Here is a plan of the new proposed railway (draft 1)



















"Karen" arrives to join the fleet.















A few changes on Facebook... add me here:   Click Here - opens new window




Ahead of a larger announcement to be made a little later in the year we are currently overhauling

all our buildings which includes some rebuilding and painting..








Pages for new Steam Locomotives Anna & Ashorne updated.





We are currently in the process of a relocation.  Apologies for any gaps in website updates.

Please check our Facebook Page (search for Elmtree Line) for further news......

This site will be brought back up to date soon.





Steam Fleet page updated.

Added Pages - [work in progress]





"Rhubarb" visited a nearby railway for a steam test, which she passed in readiness for the 2015 season.





Have you seen the review of one of our locomotives in the March edition of Garden Rail Magazine ??


Available now in the shops and online.


  Look for the front cover shown to the left...





We have items for sale, scroll down the homepage to the SALES area for details.





Linda and Rhubarb are now back at the railway.

We have some items for sale - see the sales page for full details.

More pictures have been added to numerous pages on the site.

We will be publishing our Steam Fleet for 2015 in February.




Our NA Class Locomotive (pictured) has now arrived after a brief test on a nearby railway......







"Rhubarb" and "Linda" are due to arrive back at the railway shortly.  New pictures will be added to the respective

pages on the site.  


We have a couple of locomotives for sale, see the sales page.





Well this will be the last post of 2014.   


Our NA Class Steam Locomotive has arrived at the Elmtree Line.  Look out for pictures and a full write up of this loco in the February edition of Garden Rail Magazine.   (subject to change)


Rhubard and Linda are due to arrive back at the railway by the end of January.


2015 will see us build our new railway, we are very excited about this!


Over the next couple of weeks we will be confirming our 2015/16 steam fleet, with this in mind the "Steam Fleet" page has been blanked out.  It is expected that at least two locomotives will be sold.






A few pieces of news... Beddgelert is now officially named "Rhubarb" and is currently away being lined in a similar scheme to that applied to Princess Mary.   Linda is also away currently receiving lining, it is expected that the two locomotives being lined will be returned to the railway in early January.


Another steam locomotive has joined the fleet, named only as "Loco X" for now as a paint scheme and name are yet to be decided upon.  More details to follow in the new year.  The loco is another Accucraft Lawley, similar in appearance to "Thirty Three" and the colourful "Custard".  


The 'coming soon' loco has now arrived from the overseas factory and is currently in Wales receiving the fitting of Radio Control.  It is expected that the locomotive will return to the railway in mid January.  This loco has not yet been named.


"project Billy" is now nearing completion.  What once was a green steam loco is now a black and white loco.




12/11/14 - Coming soon, a new Steam Locomotive.....................



4/10/14  -  Our New Steam Locomotive Beddgelert has arrived.


27/9/14  -  All of the Rudyard Collection Steam Locomotives met Excalibur!





19/9/14  -  New website created.