Joanna III


Back in 2007 when the Elmtree Line was born the first Steam Locomotive to arrive at the railway was "Joanna"  (see elsewhere on this site)  


In 2011 the railway bought another loco (to go with the ever increasing fleet at the time) and she was called Joanna II as a nod to where the railway had come along with the help of its first locomotive.  


Joanna II was an Accucraft Earl class locomotive in a glossy black livery.  


During the railways heyday it adopted a
""One In, One Out"" policy, so when Princess Mary arrived in the later stages of 2012 unfortunately Joanna II was picked as the loco to go.


This decision has been regretted and in the past couple of years the railway has looked to secure her replacement, in the form of another Joanna II steam locomotive.


During the Autumn of 2016 a suitable loco was sourced (albeit in green livery) and the loco entered the Elmtree Line workshops for an overhaul.  She was released into service shortly before Christmas of 2016 resplendant in a satin black livery ready for service during the 2017 operating season.


This loco carries the tradition forwards and has been called Joanna III


The pictures to the right show her as she emerged from the workshops and before testing took place.


The pictures underneath show her in service....