Joanna II


Joining the fleet in July 2011 "Joanna II" was the newest pride of the fleet


"Joanna" was the very first Elmtree Line locomotive purchased back in 2007, and now "Joanna II" increases the fleet to a healthy number ready to cope with all passengers or freight needs!

Joanna II is an Accucraft Countess in all over black livery

She is fitted with a Summerlands Chuffer and has had the pressure gauge re-located.


A very temperamental steam locomotive who was failed on several steamings with various issues, she also decided to derail on a straight part of the railway on a bridge, many times! something which baffled all.





JOANNA II was sold on 24th November 2012

She has a new home in Cornwall.


PRINCESS MARY replaces her in the Elmtree Line fleet.