The Elmtree Line's first Live Steam Locomotive is a blue Lady Anne steam loco bought through Garden Railway Specialists of Princes Risborough. I remember that i'd looked through the Roundhouse Engineering website many a time pondering on what i liked most, and whether such an expensive start in Garden Railways was the best way to go, but eventually i decided it a worthwhile outlay and in the Spring months of 2007 "Joanna" arrived. (before the railway itself was born!)


I remember just prior to her arrival i spent a while looking at different track makes and wondering which one to go for, i had already decided to go 45mm (G Scale) as i also had a liking to some of the electric ready to run locomotives on offer by LGB and USA Trains. I bought a short piece of Peco 45mm track to see what it looked like but ended up settling on more robust heavyweight USA Trains 45mm Brass track from "Dragon G Scale" a Garden Railway shop based in South Wales. I still have to this day the lonely code 250 piece of Peco 45mm track.




When "Joanna" arrived i was renting a house on the edge of a hillside and the garden was only flat for a couple of metres before sloping off down the hill at an alarming rate, certainly not the sort of garden for a railway to be built in, and anyway the landlord would have been unlikely to agree to me digging the garden up to lay track! so for her first few run's "Joanna" ran down the side of my parents house, the track nice and flat on the paving slabs.


On later runs the grass in my parents garden was cut very short and the track (which had slowly grown from about 20ft of pure straights to a fully blown circle) was laid directly onto the grass, bumps and all !!

"Joanna" was joined in less than a year by a Roundhouse Engineering LINDA locomotive.




Cosmetically "Joanna" has had a few changes, she sported for a while thick white lining, which was relatively quickly replaced by much thinner white lining.


During 2010 she had a Combination Link and Crosshead Set fitted to enhance her motion, and later that year she was partly dismantled to fit a Summerlands Chuffer to enhance her "Chuff".


"Joanna" has visited many other railways, and still remains a popular choice to take to other railways as she is easy to get into steam and somewhat easier to carry than the tender loco's that now live alongside her.




During the winter of 2016 Joanna recieved a 10 year overhaul, which included the replacement of some parts, a full upgrade to modern 2.4GHz Radio Control and received a more elaborate lining scheme.