"Jessica" is a rather special locomotive.


She is Works No: 707 from May of 2011 and is the very last Ulysses class locomotive to be made by Pearse Locomotive Works of Church Stretton, Shropshire.  Infact she is the very last locomotive to be made by Pearse under the watchful eye of Mike Teece.


She was ordered in early 2010 as a special one off build, and has been constructed in-between more pressing engineering jobs carried out in conjunction with Accucraft UK.




"Jessica" is a freelance Live Steam Locomotive, gas fired and fitted with the latest 2.4GHz radio control. She has featured amongst the range offered by Pearse Locomotives throughout the nineties and the noughties.


Production of locomotives at Pearse unofficially ceased in 2004 when Ian Pearse brought Accucraft UK into the Garden Railway arena, but Pearse have continued to produce their own locomotives (at a somewhat slower rate) ever since. In early 2011 the remaining party working at Pearse made it known that they would not be accepting any more orders for Pearse Locomotives.


Ulysses has been available in a number of chassis options, she has been available with inside frames, being regaugable for 32mm and 45mm, she has also been made with inside frames at a set gauge and also outside framed as a set gauge. "Jessica" is of inside frames, set gauge, the only remaining version that Pearse would produce.




Ulysses was available in the Pearse heydays in three colours, a pale blue, traditional maroon and a glossy black which "Jessica" carries. The black makes her look European, almost German like in appearance. 


"Jessica" has slight similarities in appearance to "Thirty Three", the fact that they both come from the same design and engineering pool albeit it under the different names of Pearse and Accucraft does little to detract from the fact that similarities in styling can be seen on them both.


It is presently unclear how many Ulysses class locomotives were made by Pearse over the years, certainly the figure will be in tens rather than the hundreds.




"Jessica" is an Elmtree Line only designated locomotive as she cannot be regauged to run on the Narrow Gauge Elmside Light Railway. She becomes the 14th steam locomotive to have been part of the Elmtree fleet (including Barbara Anne, Seagull, Joy and Hercules who have now left for new homes)


An Update On "Jessica" - August 2011


Jessica visited the Berry Hill Works run by Matt Acton in July to be lined. She has a twin colour, simple lining scheme which looks very pretty on her. She is seen here pictured on Matt Acton's Railway Jessica is named after my cat "Jess"



It is worth noting that even though Pearse Locomotives wound down production of live steam loco's in 2004 and finally closed the order books in January 2011 some of the range has now been released under the Accucraft UK banner and it is likely that more of the range will be reworked and released in the future as an Accucraft model.


It is however unlikely that the freelance locomotives will ever be produced again.



The Real Life Jessica..........


Unfortunately in January 2019 we lost Jessica to illness, she will always be remembered.  RIP Jessica we miss you.