James II


James (The Green Engine)  [see elsewhere on this site] arrived with the railway during 2008, having originally been built in 2005 and rarely used.  


James saw sterling service through to 2012 when inline with the railways policy (at that time) of ""One In, One Out"" he was selected to be replaced at the railway by a new steam locomotive, and sadly left the Elmtree Line in the later stage of 2012.


More recently the railway has changed its policies in terms of locomotives being retained, whether or not they form part of the retained fleet, or if they are not intended to be in service for extended periods of time.


The result of this decision has seen at least two steam locomotives return to the fleet [Joanna III & Hercules 2] in recent months (see elsewhere on this site).


That change in policy has also meant that it was decided to bring back or replace James as a regular part of the fleert for the 2017 season and onwards.


So in the Autumn on 2016 a suitable locomotive was purchased, and although cosmetically similar to the original James the new locomotive has been treated to a stunning paintjob.


James II carries nameplates showing "James"  and although that might sound confusing it is easy to identify in pictures which is the original locomotive as James had a single white lining, whilst the all new James (II) has a much more elaborate lining scheme applied.  The original James also never carried red painted cranks.


Welcome back James !!


Pictures to the right show James (II) shortly after emerging from the workshops, whilst pictures below show him back in service.......