James  (The Green Engine)


Having purchased pretty much brand new locomotives or ones from respectable pedigree it was out of the blue that i acquired "James" secondhand through the internet.


He joined the fleet in 2008, having been originally been built by Roundhouse Engineering in 2005, this date being checked with Roundhouse using the serial number stamped on the loco's chassis.



No history came with "James", just that he had been run a handful of times and that was it, he arrived in near enough brand new condition showing very little signs of having been run on a railway, it is possible that he was only ever run on a rolling road or on blocks.


During his first steamings at his new home "James" was still a little tight, something usually found in a brand new engine, so it was proved that he had hardly ever been used since rolling off the production line in 2005.



"James" has had a Summerlands Chuffer fitted and has had some white lining applied in a similar fashion to sister Joanna's. "James" carries on the numbering trend in being numbered "4" being the fourth locomotive to join the fleet.


"James" has been a popular choice for taking to other railways over the past couple of years as he is a dream to run, sounding great.



In 2012 James was sold....  But in 2016 a new locomotive bought to replace the original, to join the steam fleet in 2017 "James" will be a regular sight on service trains.