In The Works


Last Update To This Page - January 2017


A look at what's been in the Elmtree Line Workshop.......


(2017) Yet another Roundhouse Lady Anne (originally built in 1991) came into the workshops for a full re-build after many years of sterling service.


Jobs Included:


* Complete strip down of original Maroon paint

* Radio Control removed and replaced with modern 2.4GHz system

* Battery Holder and caddy removed and replaced with slimline AAA holder

* Timing reset

* Cab pipework finished in satin black

* Running Boards removed

* Body and Boiler professionally resprayed in LMS Crimson Lake (by Barley Pit Works)

* Summerlands Chuffer fitted










(2016) This Roundhouse Engineering Lady Anne (built in 1994) came into the works in Maroon Livery having given sterling service for many years and in need of some TLC.  The owner decided to go for an all over respray to give the loco a new lease of life.  


Jobs Included:


* complete strip down and deep clean of all parts

* degrease of chassis followed by timing check and correction

* bodywork sanded down, primed and sprayed in light blue, satin finish

* smokebox resprayed gloss black along with cab roof

* battery box re-located underneath chassis with new on/off switch

* radio control 2.4Ghz receiver re-located to tank inner

* full steam test under pressure along with radio test


pictures as supplied.... scroll down for the finished article...!




































Here you can see the finished article after a full respray and detailing job.