"Dragon" joins the Elmtree Fleet as the second Merlin Loco Works locomotive. A sister to "Hope" she is a Major class 0-6-0 locomotive being of the later MKII type with different motion to Hope.


Dragon is in original and somewhat rare Merlin Loco Works blue livery.




Apart from the change in metalwork and couplers Dragon is pretty much identical to her sister Hope. Dragon is works No:662 whist Hope is works No:361.


Dragon will run on the Elmside Light Railway (which she is seen pictured on) and will also be re-gauged to run on the broader Elmtree Line for the 2012 season.


Dragon was built around 1988 when production at Merlin Loco Works was starting to see an end. It is hoped to find another classmate for Dragon and Hope over the forthcoming years.



In the Autumn of 2013 Dragon was sold and went to join Seagull

in the East of England.