Diesel Fleet


Over the years the Elmtree Line has, amongst operating a successful fleet of Steam Locomotives owned and operated a number of Diesel Locomotives.  Some of these with a British Heritage, some of European outline and others of an American heritage.


At present the railway operates two european diesel shunters, with a larger european type diesel locomotive in reserve.  The railway also has a fleet of American diesel locomotives from the NW2, GP30, GP38 and S4 types.


In no particular order here are the Elmtree Line diesels.

(some ran only on the Narrow Gauge Lines)


European Outline DB Railion Liveried Diesel Shunter         SOLD 2014

( Elmtree Line cat Jessica pictured in the background )


European Heavy Haul Diesel                                              IN SERVICE


European Outline Shunter                                                  IN SERVICE


European Heritage Main Line Diesel                                   SOLD 2013


British Rail Class 03 Diesel Shunter                                    SOLD 2012


Industrial Type Diesel Shunter  (became the class 03 shown above)       


Industrial Shunter (rare shot, loco was confined to NG lines)   SOLD


Industrial Shunter (limited to Narrow Gauge Lines)            SOLD 2012