The third Live Steam Locomotive, and currently the largest along with her sister "Kellie" Is "Becky" a Roundhouse Engineering Fowler class locomotive, who's origins are from the Australian plantations.


"Becky" carries the number "2" in sequence after Linda, but still numerically one out as Joanna was the first locomotive who actually carries the number 3.


"Becky" is one of only a couple of Fowler type locomotives made by Roundhouse to be painted in the lighter Darjeeling Blue livery, two other locomotives have joined my fleet since with a similar livery as i liked how well "Becky" turned out!


"Becky" arrived in the early summer of 2008 and like Michelle she is currently fixed for running on 45mm gauge lines due to the fixed wheelsets on her tender, her sister Kellie is due to have an additional set of smaller 32mm wheels made available for her tender so she can run on either gauge in the near future.


A Summerlands Chuffer is fitted to "Becky" but it took alot of time and patience to fit one to her as the installation was very awkward. Her sister has not had one fitted due to this reason.


The Fowler class of locomotive can be a little light-footed and if given a heavy load to haul she has been known to lift her front set of wheels up enough to lose traction with the rail head, the tender is also somewhat heavier than the four wheeled affair that is coupled to Linda.